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Merry Christmas 2015 from RLSLOG!

I don’t think Martin will take time to make this type of post this year, so… Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all RLSLOG readers!

No more links in Music posts on RLSLOG

Dear readers of RLSLOG, the most visited release site online. We have a sad announcement today. We received letter from IFPI few days ago, which basically asked us to stop posting links in articles and comments of our Music category under the risk of starting a copyright lawsuit against us. IFPI is present in tens of countries all around the world and we generally comply with all DMCA removal requests so we decided to accept this request and stop posting links in our Music posts and also switch to comments without download links. We already had to make the same change for Movies and TV Shows earlier this year.

This however doesn’t mean we will stop posting Music alltogether. As you can see with Movies or TV Shows, we still post them, just with Google link instead of link to 3rd party site which offers the release. Basically we return back to our core, being Releaselog, thus informing you about the release. The way how you find it is up to you. Thanks for understanding, your RLSLOG crew.

Update: New comments on RLSLOG

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As you probably know, we had some major changes recently regarding links and comments on RLSLOG. Posting links in comments became forbidden and we also post only Google links on all TV/Movie posts due to certain legal issues. Now we decided to change this a bit: after 1 week or so we listened to your responses on our Facebook page and now we introduce new solution which should make the majority of our visitors happy again.

Starting from now, posting links in comments is again allowed on all posts except of TV/Movie categories.

The second news is that we installed new comment system on RLSLOG for all posts in TV/Movie categories. It’s called Disqus and you might have experienced it at many other websites which use this platform. Disqus requires certain registration or username, which can be also your Google or Facebook account. Of course you can register a new account if you don’t want to use any of those. The same limitations like before still apply for TV/Movie posts, which means posting download links in these categories is forbidden. With this new platform, it will be much easier for us to monitor, blacklist and moderate the comments and eventually ban all users who would disobey this rule.

We believe that with this new settings, we allow users to post their links in comments and also comment about the release and its quality in case of TV/Movie posts.

We hope you will stay loyal with us and keep RLSLOG the first and the biggest release blog online.

No more download/torrent links for TV Shows & Movies

d51922d05d24a28d0e343d0517824d84.jpg (500×219)

We would like to announce that starting from now, RLSLOG will no longer post any kind of download links or links to filesharing sites on all TV Shows and Movies. This decision was done to comply with request of legal company representing major Hollywood film studios and companies. We complied with their request earlier by deleting and disabling all comments and now we take also this step that was requested.

Please notice that RLSLOG has never hosted or offered any files to download. Our site is strictly informative and never stored any files on its servers – we just linked to 3rd party websites which were actually offering the files.

From now on, all posts in TV Shows and Movies section will be strictly informative with no chance to download anything.

Thanks for understanding.

UPDATE: comments opened in all sections, posting download links is forbidden from now on.

Merry Christmas 2012 from RLSLOG!

Dear visitors, first, let me wish you Merry Christmas and Great start in New Year for all of you. It has been another great year for us and hopefuly we made your daily browsing on the internet more enjoyable too. Spend the end of the year with people you like and keep visiting us also in 2013.

Second, I would like to announce sad change which has been implemented yesterday. As you could notice, comments for all posts in Movies and TV Shows categories were disabled. We were forced to take this decision after we received serious takedown notice from law firm representing most major movie and TV studios. It is the same company, which forced the shutdown of NZBMatrix and we would like to keep our site running at least in this form, without the download links to 3rd party websites. After all, this is how it all started – RLSLOG was from the beginning strictly informative site with no download links – which changed after all filehosters started their business online and people started posting links in comments.  The whole process and communication with the law company is still ongoing and we will keep you updated about the situation.

In the end, it is possible we will go back to our original form – providing strictly information with no links. That was the original purpose of RLSLOG and the recent tightening efforts of all legal companies against filesharing sites might force us to do so. For now, all other categories remain the same way they used to be until now. We will see what the future will bring us. Happy holidays.

RLSLOG back online!

Just a quick update, RLSLOG is back online after 1 day of downtime. As some of you noticed, there is a police raid going on in PRQ datacenter which took many sites offline. However, RLSLOG is not even hosted by PRQ, so this affair has no connection with it. The site was disabled for different reason, however it’s back now and you can once again enjoy our fresh information about latest releases!

Official RLSLOG page on Facebook

I guess you probably noticed our Like buttons here on RLSLOG, which allows you to share interesting content at RLSLOG with your Facebook friends. Now we decided to launch also official RLSLOG page on Facebook. The official page will bring you updates about latest interesting releases, tips for great movies or games, special competitions and offers and other news. If you join the page, the news from RLSLOG will appear directly in your News feed, so you will be always updated with latest content from us. The address is simple: facebook.com/www.RLSLOG.net. Join us!

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